Finding your pack

This week’s art is a line and wash painting of a wolf howling out her song. I painted it for a friend.

I began with a quick sketch…

Next I refined my sketch and changed the shape of the howl in the air…

Once I was happy with my basic forms I moved on to ink. I used to simply redo my pencils in pen at this stage, but now I use this stage as a place where I can further refine the drawing. Here are the inks completed…

Once I had my ink drawing complete I then had to come up with my colours. So I photographed my ink drawing and then added colour digitally in Autodesk Sketchbook.

Once I had a solid idea of where I wanted to go colour-wise I finally began to add watercolour washes to my drawing. As usual I began with lighter washes and then developed my shadows. I pushed the colours I’d initially decided on digitally to bring more contrast into the image.

Here’s the final picture…

10 thoughts on “Finding your pack

  1. I always have to break into a sly smile when your blog post begins with “I started with a quick sketch”! I think I am unconstitutionally able to do a quick sketch. My quickest ones of the simplest subjects are more like a couple of hours of fussing. 😄

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