Daniel Radcliffe as ‘Harry Potter’


I realised yesterday that I’ve made hardly any Harry Potter fan art.  So after tea last night I decided to sketch Harry.  My original idea was to sketch Harry talking to Hermionie in the Great Hall but then I saw this portrait of Harry and decided to sketch his face instead.  This was done with HB, B and 6B Wolff’s sketching pencils on printer paper.

A New Family


Late one night about a week ago I was just about to setle down to sleep when I saw a shipping note on my bedside table with some unused space on it.  At the moment I have this constant need to draw so I picked up the shipping note and scribbled down a man on it, (who looked a lot like my A’level Biology teacher for some weird late night reason), then I added a woman and before long there was a whole family.  I liked these little dudes so the next day I drew them bigger in my sketchbook.  (The final image was done in ink on paper using Staedler Fineliners)

Below is the late night sketch..


I just can’t stop drawing at the moment!

(All Images unless otherwise explicitly stated are © Jo Fox, 2015)