The Phoenix and the New Job

Well,  I got the job I went for a few weeks back and today I passed the health screening from the County Council Occupational Health Department, so come September I’m going to be working again!  I feel really lucky because it’s a really super school and the job fits what I’m able to do at the moment really well.

In celebration I thought I’d paint something.  I’ve just finished listening to the audiobook of J.K. Rowling’s Chamber of Secrets again and, since I go off to sleep listening to these stories, my dreams have been full of phoenix’s.  So here’s what I dreamed…



I painted this in watercolour.  It was a new experience of the medium for me.  Although I was aware of the fact that I was working in watercolour I continued to paint as if I were using gouache which really changed how things went.  I build the pcture up in layers – a background colour and then firey feathers over the top.  Finally I wanted just a little more definition at the end and  used ink to add some harder lines.  It’s not a typical watercolour type subject but it was kind of fun to do.