The Whispering Bat – mixed media

The brown long-eared bat is also known as the “Whispering Bat” since it’s echolocation can hardly be heard at all. These amazing creatures are common in the UK. They hibernate over winter beginning from about now. Sleep well little creatures!

I drew this using pencils, ink and black and white pastels.

Here are some process photos:


Ink outline…

Black and white pastel tones…

I added these by scraping off some of the pastel onto with my finger or a blending stump and then applying it to the paper. After getting significantly messy I ended up using one finger for the black and another for the white which was much more effective…

Similarly on the blending stump I used one end for black and another for white. Eventually the whole drawing was toned…

Once this was done I played around with the various patterns to use on the wings…

Then finally I sealed the pastels with a fixative and added black and white ink on top of the toned image. This was really fun to do. I enjoyed it enormously. Here’s the final picture…

Happy Halloween everyone!

14 thoughts on “The Whispering Bat – mixed media

  1. Thank you! They are amazing animals. It’s great that you can see them flying in the summer. 😊 I know we have some near my home but I’ve only seen one flying once.


  2. Oh wow Jo, this turned out so good! I love the way a bat looks and enjoy watching them fly in our yard during the summer months. I always wanted a bat house but they live somewhere close so I never did get one.

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  3. LOL – best of luck! I have a friend who is into bats in a big way and apparently the best way to identify them is to record high frequency audio and then slow it down and compare it to previously recorded slowed down audio of known species. (I have sat out on a dusky field with a big box of electronic tricks doing this – for hours!!! The price of friendship eh!)


  4. I know exactly what you mean! You are quite right. I really struggled with the face. It was OK in my sketch – just looked like a bat – but then I wanted to push the eye shape a bit bigger and it all went wrong. It makes the whole thing just a little bit freaky I think. It wasn’t my intention – but there you are. LOL

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