About and Copyright Information

Hi, my name is Jo. I am an artist and this is a record of my adventures in art.

My art

I love the visual arts with a passion! I began painting and selling contemporary abstract acrylics around 2002. A year or so later I branched out into digital art, designing CD and book covers, bespoke visual assets for the web (along with the websites they were used on).

Now I tend to focus on ink drawing, watercolour and gouache paintings and digital art.

I have quite an eclectic taste in art, enjoying everything from the old masters to modern comicbooks.

My favourite Artists and Illustrators

In terms of western painters from the past my favourites are Carravaggio Vermeer, Millet, Turner, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Pieter Brueghel the Elder, Millais, Sorolla, and Bonheur.

I also love Japanese woodblock printing. My favourite woodblock artists are Hokusai, Kawase, Koitsu and Yoshida.

Looking at art from today I like all sorts – everything from Ralph McQuarrie’s and Crash McCreery’s concept art to Ivan Loginov’s portraiture and Kevin Gleeson’s landscapes. I tend to be drawn to realism, concept art, comic art, oils which really capture the play of light on objects and watercolour and gouache paintings especially when they manage to show the essence of their subject in a simple way..

I also really love digital art, especially Daryl Toh, a Malaysian artist I’ve been following for years, Doug Wheatley, the artists on the Star Wars Dark Times comic series, and too many others to name!


I have high functioning autism which means that, as well as struggling with some aspects of my life, I also see, think and experience life a little differently sometimes. In fact high functioning autism can help with some things as well as hinder with others. I was only diagnosed in 2015 after a 6 month period of evaluation and tests with the NHS. It’s been really helpful for me to get this diagnosis because it helps me understand why I’m a bit different sometimes!

When I’m not doing arty stuff I am also a mum (of a wonderful grown up son!), a qualified teacher and a software engineer.

Copyright Notice

Unless otherwise specified on each page, all images on this site are copyrighted to Jo Fox 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. No permission is given for commercial use of any kind. If you’d like to use any image for non-profit purposes please contact me via the comments explaining what you’d like to do and I’ll be happy to sort something out. Without explicit written permission though all rights are reserved. Thanks!

32 thoughts on “About and Copyright Information

  1. Hi Jo, is a project regarding Neurodiversity… It’s very ambitious project that will help all the community in their journey. It isn’t live yet but we would like to present it to you and see if you want to be part of it… Thanks for your interest. Pat.I

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  2. Hi Jo, hope you are doing great!

    We saw your blog and your art, and we like it very much. Do you have an email where we can contact you? we want to present you our project. Please let me know.

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  3. Thank you for your very kind comment. It’s lovely to meet you. How wonderful that you have so many teachers in your family! My teachers were the people who helped me most in my life – I think this is why I chose to follow in their footsteps. It’s interesting that you talk about growth. I often feel like a gardener of people when I am teaching. I want to see each person flower into who they are.
    Thanks again for your comment. 😊


  4. Thank you for writing on the Saraswati Pond essay dear Jo. It opened me to your so important and calming world. You know I come from a teachers family. Each person in mine and extended family are teachers. so it gives me a great pleasure to know how much you have been imbibing and even giving away with your love and art. It is excruciating work, as much the most important one can be linked with to grow and grow the world with you.

    Narayan x

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  5. Hi Jo, that’s fine, thank you so much for the reply back, it’s still a beautiful piece of art and I wish you all the best :).
    Best regards,

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  6. Hi Kasi,
    It’s awesome that you’re starting to develop your own clothing brand, especilly while still at high school! Also, very well done for knowing enough about the legal side of the art and design business to request information property permission in the right way for an image.
    Unfortunately I can’t give permission for my art to be used commercially like that since it affects my ability to later sell exclusive digital rights to my designs to companies. I have checked this with a lawyer and I’m afraid there’s no way around it.
    Best of luck in your endeavours!
    Jo Fox


  7. Hi Jo, my names Kasi. I’m a 15 year old high school student looking to start my own clothing brand. I’m very new to this and I have a design for a shirt in my head, but the design would have your samurai drawing on the back. The drawing I’m talking about is the samurai kneeling down with the two swords, it’s a beautiful piece and it caught my eye as soon as I saw it. I would really appreciate if you could get back to me about me being able to use your design for my shirt. I just need to know how you would like me to credit you for the design of course, and if I’m able to use it. My email is slamminkasi@gmail.com, please shoot me an email whenever you have the chance, I would love the opportunity to use your design for my a shirt in the upcoming brand. Best regards, Kasi.

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  8. Hi,

    I don’t mind you using the image so long as it’s credited where you display it and I retain copyright. (Just means you can’t sell it or Trade Mark it). Hope thing go well with your music!


  9. Hi Jo, I came across your wonderful art, and Blue Bell designs, when looking for inspiration for a design to go on a contact details card. I am a singer songwriter, creative person, its a project of mine. I am making a new card with my contact details and I really love your blue bell picture with the golden ratio behind it , and wonder if you would be willing to give me permission to use it on my contact details card. All credits to you and your wondeul art and website, I am just making the card up myself, and home printing it. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂 Bel Blue http://www.belblue.co.uk

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  10. Hi Julia,
    Thanks for your encouraging message. With autism and art we’ve got quite a lot in common! I am feeling better now – thanks. 🙂 I took the whole weekend to rest and my body is behaving itself much better now!
    Lovely to hear from the Emerald Isle!
    All the best with your dream to become a pro artist,


  11. Hi Jo, just a brief message. I like your art work very much and have been diagnosed with functioning autism also only a few years ago. I am in my early 40s and can’t stop doing art either. I work, too but would love to be an art professional 🙂 I hope you are feeling better. I had seen that you had some struggles with your legs (?). All the best from Ireland, Julia

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  12. Jo I thank you for liking Surealworld art. I like you have had to struggle twice as hard to accomplish what people normally find easy to learn. When I have to learn a new computer program which has a lot of step to remember, I am all thumbs. Once I have been exposed to a new complicated subject a couple of times then I being to absorb it into my memory. Then once I have confidence that I know the newly learn subject , I can excel. I had this same problem with doing long division in high school, if I am not sure I got the correct answer to the first problem , my mind can’t concentrate on the next part of the mathematical problem . In math class I would be assigned 6 page of math to accomplish and I would only complete two pages.

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  13. I hope you achieve your ambition of becoming a professional artist Jo! There is no reason why you should not be able to earn money from your talent if you keep at it. I taught art for a while and have sold (more given away!) a few paintings! Thanks for checking out my site.

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  14. I love your work, Jo! It is outstanding! I like your use of bright colours, as they just don’t work for me – no matter how hard I try, I seem to drift off to mellow. I will enjoy following your adventures! Keep up the good work!

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