Sketch and Ink Challenge – Day 2

So here’s an attempt at inking my Naruto fan-art from yesterday…

First I inked it all using just some pure black pens.  I varied the width of the line manually (my brush pen has run off and joined the circus I think because I can’t find it anywhere!  I must remember to get  a new one.)

This is how that turned out…


I worked quite hard on making each line good.  This is something I’ve never done before.  Although I clearly have a long way to go I think it’s already making a difference.

Then I wanted to give the picture more shading.  However, when I looked in my pencil case I had very little to work with – one manga grey ink pen which I’m not great at using in the first place.  Anyway, I decided to make three levels of shadow – one with the grey pen covered thinly, one with the grey pen made much darker and one with a hatching affect with my thin black ink pen.



So here’s the final picture:


When I first started shadgin with the grey ink pen I shaded in lines – you can see it in Sasuke’s back.  I don’t like the way this looks, but I couldn’t go over it without losing my shadows.  If you look at the same shade just below Naruto’s collar you can se that in using more random small strokes I managed to get rid of the ‘horrible line effect’.  I’ll need to remember that for next time.  Never mind – it’s a good place to start.


(All credit to the marvellous Masashi Kishimoto – creator of the Nauruto manga series!)

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