Sketch and Ink Challenge (Challenge – Day 1)

The more I look at the work I’m producing at the moment the more I feel that my sketching and inking are still quite poor.  I really need to find that looseness and free feeling which I see in the sketches of other artists which I like.

I do have some degree of difficulty controlling my hands for very fine motor tasks because of the pain condition I have (or it may be because of the medication I have to take for that) but I think, with some effort, I can overcome it, or at least work around it.

So, I’m going to try to sketch or ink something every day for a year.  Sometimes it’s going to be a full-on attempt at a fine art sketch and sometimes it’ll be something small and fun, but I want to do it almost everyday.  (I’m going to make Sunday’s optional because it’s my rest day.)

Yesterday I got two seasons of Naruto DVD’s delivered.  I’ve read the manga before but I’ve not really watched the anime series.  So, for my first sketch I drew a classic face-off scene between Naruto and his rival/friend Sasuke from the first series.  Here’s a photo I took of the scene from my TV:


And this is the sketch…


I don’t want my sketching to turn into full scale drawing so I gave myself a 15 minute time limit.  I concentrated on trying to draw loose but good lines.  It was tricky because everytime I relaxed I went back into my old, tight, way of drawing and I had to keep remembering to try to do it differently.  I really enjoyed it though.

2 thoughts on “Sketch and Ink Challenge (Challenge – Day 1)

  1. You sound like you are very observant and have that most valuable trait of creating solutions to the issues that are bound to crop up in our artistic lives. Nobody was born doing it all perfect–likewise there is no deadline to “get it right”. Be sure to save all your work so months or years from now you can look back and see how far you’ve come. It’s easy to think that little progress has been made when there’s nothing to compare to!

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