The millennium Falcon

This is the longest project I have ever done, not because it was particularly difficult, but because my physical illness has wrecked my ability to sit for any period of time and my mental health issues have eaten my concentration for breakfast. When I was well I would finish a detailed A3 drawing like this in 2 weeks as well as working part time in school and looking after myself and my son. Things are so different now. I have carers to help me do basic things, my son is living in his own home and my mind feels like a bomb has gone off. 2 weeks turned into 6 months.

I made this drawing for my living room. I have some beautiful bright green patterned curtains in this room and wanted some Star Wars art to match. So I decided to draw a Millennium Falcon and then paint it green using watercolours.

I began by working out the scale I was going to expand my reference to. I drew some basic structural lines across my reference and then calculated how big those lines would be scaled up to A3…

Then I drew the basic reference structure out at the correct size on my A3 paper. Once I had the basic structure down I took it section by section, drawing in the details in pencil and then inking them when I was happy with them. Here you can see some of the basic reference structure and the first section of the inks…

Here’s my process in more detail, drawing the structures in pencil…

…and then inking that section…

For most of time I wasn’t able to do any of it. This got worse as the project neared completion because I was conscious that I wasn’t able to function so well and I really didn’t want to make some horrible mistake and ruin the whole thing.

I toned the image with pencils. Looking back I think black watercolour would have been much better but when I was working on this bit I didn’t trust myself with a medium which couldn’t be erased.

Here’s the finished drawing…

Then when I was next able to give it a go I painted a wash using greens yellows and blues over the whole thing and added a few details once the wash was completely dry.

Here’s the final picture…

May the Force be with you.


10 thoughts on “The millennium Falcon

  1. I…I…I don’t even have the words to describe how much I love this. Jo! Oh my gosh! This is perfect! I love it and I’m sure it looks magnificent in your living room. I’m sorry for your health struggles, my friend. Know you are always in my prayers. And I am in awe of what you’ve created here. Just…WOW.

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  2. Oh my goodness, to think you pulled this off at all, given the situation you find yourself in! I took on a tiny commission a week or two ago and just delivered it a couple of days ago. It was endless fussing and erasing and trying to convince myself that what I was drawing was at least a decent representation of the photo I had been given as source material. If I had a couple of lifetimes I might be able to take on something as intricate as your Millennium Falcon but I would be regretting every minute of it. Almost two weeks of struggling with a 5″ x 7″ watercolor, using brushes not much larger than a cat’s whisker, were about all I could muster! Congrats to you on completing your much larger and more complicated work, even if it didn’t meet your preordained time schedule!!!

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  3. It’ll look good on your wall – the colours give it a vibrancy, as if you’ve painted on a document like a map. I dont think I’d have the patience to tackle a detailed drawing like that.
    Sorry to hear of your struggles.

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