Schnauzer – Ink and Pencil

This week’s drawing is of a little miniature schnauzer. My Bonnie was one of these happy little dogs. I still can’t see a schnauzer anywhere without feeling a pang of sadness from losing her. She was the best little dog in the world.

I began with some very basic shapes just outlining the main dimensions and general fluffiness(!)…

Next I filled out the pencils and made some more definite marks outlining and defining my little dog…

Once the pencils were done I moved onto the inks. Trying to capture the softness of the pencils with a medium as hard and fast as ink was difficult. Looking back now, I wonder if using water soluble ink and deliberately smudging the ink would help. I think I might give this a go another time. It’s certainly something I’d like to play with.

Once my inks were complete I added pencil as a half tone to round out the image and to provide a soft shadow. Here’s the finished drawing…


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