Ten Minute Video Observation Practice #6


This is the last week of video observation practice.  My 10 minute practice drawings seemed to follow a war theme this week although it wasn’t intentional.  It began when I watched a documentary on the Vietnam War which was horrific in places and difficult to watch.  Then I  got into looking at clips of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.  Finally I ended up, where I nearly always end up, with Star Wars!

Here’s the picture I sketched from the documentary…


Here’s a sketch of Royal Marines deploying in a RIB from an RN ship…


And here’s a Star Wars rebel fighter pilot going into hyperspace!




Something Completely Different

Before I continue with the course I want to have a bit of freedom for a day.  I decided to paint a sunset.  I used a big round brush – new from Hobbycraft last weekend.  I decided to make it loose and strongly coloured.  However, the  brush decided to drop not one or two but nine hairs all over my painting (even though I had washed and prepared the brush properly before hand).  So in trying to get these hairs off I ruined the painting.  (That’s the first and last time I buy brushes there.)

However, I’ve seen a technique where paint is deliberately removed with newspaper to make a textured background so I thought I could use this small ‘problem-ette’ as an opportunity to try it without wasting anything if it didn’t work.

It did make quite an exciting texture although it is a bit messy and busy for my taste.  It reminded me of the “scortched earth” in various post-apocalyptic stories (I’m reading Stephen King’s “The Stand” at the moment) so I painted a dead tree and a kneeling person next to it to push the idea of things being quite broken and the picture was done.  It’s very much an experiment but at least I got something out of it.  (Plus – big bonus – my son likes the style!)


Here it is:

The Scorched Earth FIN_WEB