Dawn in the Meadow – Acrylic on Watercolour Paper

Last night I saw a brilliant speed painting on YouTube.  It’s by a super artist who’s channel is  StudioSilverCreek .  There’s lots of lovely painting to watch there.  Here’s the video I watched:

I didn’t know you could paint with Acrylics on watercolour paper so I thought I’d give it a go. Initially my plan was to work on a study of the original painting by StudioSilverCreek – just to see if I could make it work.

So I began the same way:




But as I thought about drawing the person going fishing (as seen in the original) I decided to make some changes.  Instead I drew two sillouettes – one of a bird and one of a person kneeling in the meadow.  I got both the bird and the person to look at the same place and then drew a small flower there as the primary focus for the painting.  I’m quite pleased with how it worked out.  The watercolour paper was OK.  At first I had some difficulties with bits of paper rubbing off but I was using a decorating brush at the time – it might be a bit harsh!  🙂  After the first layer or two were dry though the surface improved and was absolutely fine.

Here’s the finished painting:


Credit to StudioSilverCreek for this study, as I was learning from her work.  🙂

Charcoal and the Burnt Chair

Sometimes, in the places I walk my dog, people abandon things. I find it hard to understand why people would leave there rubbish in such beautiful places – but they do.  Usually it’s just litter but once there was an old wooden chair.  Some children had set fire to it and it had burned quite badly.  Below is my dog Bonnie in the meadow where I found the chair.

DogwalkAnyway, I went to look at it and found that a bit of the leg was easy to break off and left dark charcoal marks on my hands.  So I put it in a dog waste bag and brought it home.  I broke it into pieces and began to draw with it.  It worked really well and was completely free.

Here are a few of pictures I drew with it:

This is a picture of an asian woman from a book.

AsianWoman And this is a picture of a young Tibetan boy.

YoungTibetanAnd this is a picture of an older man meditating:

old man meditating_FIN_WEBAll of these were done with the charcoal from the chair.