Dawn in the Meadow – Acrylic on Watercolour Paper

Last night I saw a brilliant speed painting on YouTube.  It’s by a super artist who’s channel is  StudioSilverCreek .  There’s lots of lovely painting to watch there.  Here’s the video I watched:

I didn’t know you could paint with Acrylics on watercolour paper so I thought I’d give it a go. Initially my plan was to work on a study of the original painting by StudioSilverCreek – just to see if I could make it work.

So I began the same way:




But as I thought about drawing the person going fishing (as seen in the original) I decided to make some changes.  Instead I drew two sillouettes – one of a bird and one of a person kneeling in the meadow.  I got both the bird and the person to look at the same place and then drew a small flower there as the primary focus for the painting.  I’m quite pleased with how it worked out.  The watercolour paper was OK.  At first I had some difficulties with bits of paper rubbing off but I was using a decorating brush at the time – it might be a bit harsh!  🙂  After the first layer or two were dry though the surface improved and was absolutely fine.

Here’s the finished painting:


Credit to StudioSilverCreek for this study, as I was learning from her work.  🙂

Red Fox Detailed Drawing – Part 2 : The finished product

Finishing a drawing in pencil

I went over the rough drawing I made yesterday, adding detail and deepening shading and indications of colour (since it’s a greyscale image).  It was fun to do but I enjoyed it a little less than finishing an ink drawing because the pencil doesn’t dry like ink and keeps on smudging which makes working on it harder.  I thought of spraying some fixative on at various stages but that would ruin things if I needed, at the end, to touch up some highlights with my putty eraser. (This is something I normally do.)  So, after having to clean up some smudges I got it finished.

Pencil hardness grades

I did try the 8B pencil but it was less dark than the 4B and the 4B looked rough, like crayon.  So I used the 4B only where it wanted a textured background and didn’t bother with the 8B at all.  Perhaps I need to do some research on pencil grades and types because I don’t understand properly how to use them. My most used pencils were HB, B and 2B.  For the first time I thought about rooting through my study to find an H for the light hairs but I’m still not properly well from the illness I have so I decided to let that go this time. Otherwise my temperature might go up again and I can’t think straight when that happens – my thoughts go weird and jumbled up.

Importing to a Digital Format

Once the image was finished it was quite difficult to transfer to a digital medium.  I didn’t want to use my rather rubbish phone camera as most of the detail I’d drawn would be lost but my A3 drawing was too big for my scanner. Soooo… I scanned it twice, once for each area of the picture, and then matched them up in Photoshop 6.  It is the first time since I got Manga Studio that I’ve found something Photoshop does better than Manga Studio – matching up and cleaning pencil images.

So here it is… I hope you like it.  🙂

fox_FIN_WEBBy the way, the original digital image is approx 3000 by 4000 pixels – this one is significantly scaled down for the web.  I tend to do this for all the images I publish here as it saves on filespace.

So tomorrow I’m going to look at designing a ‘Game of Thrones’ style flag for my family – The Foxes of East Anglia.    😀

As an aside, I’ve been advised to put a copyright notice on all my pages (what a pain!) so here it is:

(All Images unless otherwise explicitly stated are © Jo Fox, 2015)

A New Family


Late one night about a week ago I was just about to setle down to sleep when I saw a shipping note on my bedside table with some unused space on it.  At the moment I have this constant need to draw so I picked up the shipping note and scribbled down a man on it, (who looked a lot like my A’level Biology teacher for some weird late night reason), then I added a woman and before long there was a whole family.  I liked these little dudes so the next day I drew them bigger in my sketchbook.  (The final image was done in ink on paper using Staedler Fineliners)

Below is the late night sketch..


I just can’t stop drawing at the moment!

(All Images unless otherwise explicitly stated are © Jo Fox, 2015)