Brahmin Moth Caterpillar – line and wash

I discovered some amazing creatures on one of Reddit’s biological forums the other day. They were the weirdest caterpillars I’ve ever seen. I decided to draw one in ink and then paint it with watercolour. It proved to be a really wonderful subject. I was thoroughly immersed in the drawing. Here is the first photo I remembered to take. I had completed the Caterpillar in pencils and inked quite a lot of it…

I wasn’t really sure how I intended to ink the leaves on my picture so I tried a few methods out on some scrap paper…

I chose one and then continued working my way through the rest of the drawing with my pen. Here’s the completed ink drawing…

Next I painted a big colourwash over the whole picture and, once that was dry, I added small colour washes for the details. Here’s the final picture…


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