Tyger tyger…

This week I drew a picture of a tiger. As a child I had many dark and forceful dreams about tigers. I don’t really know why, I think of them as powerful and majestic animals nowadays. There was a time when I was young when I was allowed to hold a young tiger cub at a circus. I remember very clearly how very heavy it was. I expected it to weigh maybe double the weight of our cat but it weighed a lot more. It also dug it’s nails into my lap and arm. I’m glad we no longer allow animals to be kept in circuses, but it really was a wonder to be that close to such a wonderful creature.

Anyway, here are my photos if the drawing…


The pencils were done at an art group run by our local Mind charity. Then when I got home I inked it…

I also added some pencil and smudged it in with my fingers to give it some more shading. I quite like this effect.

Once my picture was complete I left it on the bed and my little feline friend, Leia, checked it over…

She left her “stamp” of approval…

(I cleaned this up with photoshop.)

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