Joy and Sorrow

In the last week or so I’ve been trying to draw images which are more symbolic, rather than representational. Of the various things I sketched I picked these two since they are opposites in my mind.


The first, the octopus, for me symbolises joy. I love octopuses. They are such ingenious, unusual animals. I feel my heart get lighter every time I see one!

I wanted to make an octopus design for the folder of some work I’m doing to try to get well. I began with an idea in my mind but, unlike an octopus, I struggled coordinating all 8 arms! So I played around with it a bit…

Then I made a quick sketch…

Finally I reworked this sketch into a proper ink drawing…

I tried to really simplify what is a very complex animal into a basic form which would still be recognisable. This isn’t something I’m good at. I think I could simplify this design even more and people would still pick up that it’s an octopus, but it is as far as I went for this particular adventure.


I have 2 chronic pain conditions. This picture symbolises what one of those feels like…

While it’s not a pleasant image, it does capture the type of sharp burning pain which myself and other people with neurological pain can experience.


With this exercise, I found it harder than I thought I would to think up visually symbolic ways of showing feelings. I think my brain is very practical and realistic – rather than imaginative. Perhaps more practice will help.


I want to finish with some footage from the Dodo Kids Channel on YouTube. It is of a beautiful little octopus called Egbert. The video was definitely made for children, but I love it anyway – it just makes me smile!!! 😊


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