The Nest

I saw a beautiful, detailed picture of a wasp’s nest a few weeks ago.  I really loved the patterns the colony had made as part of their home.  Initially I planned to draw just the nest but I thought having a member of the colony coming straight out towards the viewer would give the nest context and make the picture more dynamic.

Here are some process shots of the development of my picture…

More detailed pencils
Ink outlines
Ink details

Before filling out the rest of the nest I enclosed an area in pencil which would show a highlight along the edge of the nest.  I wanted to see how I could change the pattern to give this impression and if it would work to make the nest appear more three dimensional.  In the diagram below I’ve highlighted the area I outlined in pencil in lilac.  To make the highlighted part of the nest look lighter I made thick lines thinner and dropped out many of the really thin lines altogether.

I think it works as a first approximation.  Next time, rather than just highlighting a single area and adding some deeper shadows on the sunless side I would like to see if I could spread out the highlight and have it gradually become lighter right across the surface of the nest and then go a little darker again. 

Anyway, as it stands, here is the final ink drawing I made…

(PS:  In terms of my health I hope I am slowly beginning to “turn the corner” now. Thank you so much for your kind messages. I am trying to get back to normal but that’s a longer journey than I had hoped at the moment.  I am now on some heavy duty psychiatric drugs for my mental health.  It was like having a soft down blanket lying over my mind at first but I am beginning to experience things more clearly in the last few days.   I do feel better on this medicine though and it’s controlling the worst of my symptoms. I’m still hearing and sometimes seeing things that aren’t there but it’s rarely the really bad stuff now and I can mostly ignore it.

  I think the doctors and other clinical staff have been really very good indeed. Their decisions seem sound and are helping me. I was discharged from the hospital team back to the community team on Tuesday of this week which sounds good but feels scary.

  I’m hoping to get my physical health a bit better soon too. I’m on long term antibiotics again for my chest which hasn’t been clear for months and my cardiologist is doing some tests so he can work out a plan. I have also finally got an appointment with the doctor from my pain clinic. So, things are looking up a bit after so many things were put on the back burner during Covid. I really do appreciate your support and kind words!

Thanks again!  Jo 😁 )


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