The Beautiful Pangolin

This week’s art is a drawing I started a while ago and finally finished. It is of a Pangolin. I think these guys are such awesome animals. They can roll up like armadillos and climb like monkeys; they can spray like skunks , dig like badgers and have tongues like anteaters! How great is that?! I don’t think I would mind being a Pangolin. It must be brilliant.

I began with basic shapes which I eventually worked into a sketch…

Then I began the process of inking. My goodness there were so many scales!!! Still, it was very meditative to draw them. I tried to do some in bed one afternoon when I was feeling a bit rough, however a certain Princess Leia was having none of it. Clearly it was kitty playtime, not art time as I had thought – silly me…

I’m so lucky to get such good feline help with my drawing LOL!

Here’s a closer picture of the beginning of my ink process…

After playing with kitty and working in short bursts on more of the drawing I finally got the basic black inks of the pangolin done. Then I sketched out a fallen tree for her to be walking along…

I inked the tree…

…and then added both white gouache and black watercolour to add highlights and shadows respectively. Finally it was finished! Here it is…

4 thoughts on “The Beautiful Pangolin

  1. I feel so sad that a glorious creature like this is being trafficked, persecuted, eaten, and then touted as a source of disease transmission. It belongs, left alone, in the wild – and in artist’s sketchbooks too, of course!

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