Venom – Original Fan Art

This week I tried a black and white drawing of a major Marvel Comic character – Venom. I haven’t read many superhero comics so I don’t know that much about him except that Venom is a living symbiotic suit which to some extent takes over the person wearing it. Initially he was very definitely a big villain, up there with Doc Oct and the Green Goblin, but later he became more of an anti-hero. I drew him because I think the design is really good and would work really well in a greyscale image like this.

He first appeared in the Amazing Spiderman comicbook and was written by David Michelinie and drawn by Todd McFarlane, but, interestingly, his original concept came from a fan from Illinois who was paid a huge sum for the idea! How very cool it would be to be that fan!!!

So I began with a pencil sketch…

Then I put in my outline and filled in my solid black areas…

Once that was done I rendered the shape more carefully with ink and added some white gouache to give it some contrast. Here is the finished character…

In terms of how this drawing went I found most of it pretty OK to draw except for Venom’s left leg (on the right-hand-side as we look at it.) For some reason I found it really hard to get it to look right. I’m still not quite sure about it. I think I’ve looked at it so much now that I can’t really see in my mind how it should be anymore. So I did the best I could and left it at that.

It was quite fun to draw a superhero, but I do prefer drawing animals.

(Just so that everything is clear and “up-front”. I made this as an original drawing of Marvel’s Venom. While I drew every part of it, the character is Marvel’s intellectual property and this is just fan art.)

2 thoughts on “Venom – Original Fan Art

  1. Jo! This is AMAZING! As a kid, Spider-Man was my favorite superhero. I lived and breathed Spidey. So when Venom was created – a villain who had similar powers – it was love at first fright. Then they made him an antihero and I could (sort of) root for him, too. Needless to say, I was hooked. The character still warms a very special, very nostalgic place in my heart. As soon as I saw your piece I was transported back there. I felt like a kid again who was beyond excited to see a picture of Venom on the cover of a comic he was looking at. This is perfect! I love it so much! Thank you for the unexpected gift of revisiting my childhood memories this morning :).

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