High Leigh – Ink Drawing

This week’s art is an ink drawing of a conference centre in Hertfordshire. It is based in an old country house set in some beautiful grounds. When I’ve visited, with the Quakers, I’ve always found it to be a very restorative place with a really good atmosphere. I wish I could find out more about it’s history. I remember some photos of the family and the staff from the past on the walls in the main house but that’s about all I can recall.

Here are some process photos showing how the drawing progressed…

Basic pencil sketch
Detailed pencil sketch
Starting the ink drawing
The ink drawing with most of the basics done.

Here is the finished picture…

High Leigh

For this drawing and last week’s drawing I used a new 210cm x 210cm sketchbook by a company called Ohuhu. I really like it. It’s a hardback book which makes it easy to use outside on location as well as indoors, but unlike most hardback sketchbooks the way they’ve bound the cover doesn’t restrict how well the book opens – so it’s really easy and comfortable to use. It’s designed for markers and comes with a rubber mat to place behind the page you’re working on to prevent bleed through. I’ve not found this necessary with ordinary ink drawings through. If I use my alcohol markers at some point in the future I think it might be more useful. The paper is reasonably thick though, at 200gsm.

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