Hedgehog – Ink Drawing

This week I worked on a simple ink drawing of a European Hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus). It was a real tonic to work on a picture like this. I find ink incredibly relaxing as a medium.

Here are some process images…

Once I had my hedgehog I simply added some foliage (some ribwort plantain and a common daisy). Here is the finished drawing…

I drew the whole thing while in bed over the course of a couple of evenings. I do love hedgehogs!

Years ago, in late autumn, a tiny little hedgehog came running into our house in the late evening. She ran so fast that I thought she was a rat! After a brief search we found her hiding behind the washing machine in the utility room. She was such a little cutie. 🥰 I had no idea that hedgehogs were so fast on their feet! 🦔

After advice from the RSPCA we fed her some cat food, gave her water and arranged for her to be collected by a hedgehog rescue the next day as she was too small to have survived the winter. I do hope she was OK.

11 thoughts on “Hedgehog – Ink Drawing

  1. Jo! Thank you so, so much! I am so touched. And yes! I would love to take you up on this. My email is mmiller@mpslakers.com

    I’m happy things are beginning to get better but that is so much to have on your plate at once. I am so sorry. I’m glad your Community Mental Health Team have been there for you – what a beautiful source of salvation and guidance. Yay! But to feel so lonely and to feel so dissociated at the same time would be so very scary, made all the harder by your mourning such a painful loss. And to lose your main pain medication in that, too, makes it all the more difficult. I am so sorry you had to carry all that my friend. Please know all the prayers and good vibes and all the love I have in my heart are coming your way – now and always.


  2. Awww, I’m so glad you like it. Would you like me to temorarily upload a hi resolution print and send you a link to it? If you want to you could download it and print it and keep the picture – my treat!

    I think things are beginning to get better. I’ve been physically quite unwell for a few months and that is still ongoing but I also had a reaction to some medication following my father’s death which made me feel dissociated and gave me hallucinations. It’s been adjusted now to a lower dose and I no longer have that going on thank goodness, but it was really very scary and isolating while it was happening. I thought I had gone mad. I didn’t want to risk driving and got stuck in a v bad and lonely place. My local Community Mental Health Team have stepped in and are really helping to get things fixed. Unfortunately though it was my main pain medication that gave me the problems.

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  3. This just made my night! Hedgehogs have to be one of the most adorable animals ever :). This was exactly what I needed in my life right now so thank you Jo for the smile this brought me and the joy it brought to my heart. I hope you’re feeling better, too, my friend.

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  4. Nice to see you producing work again Jo. I find painting and drawing very absorbing – meditative, even. Well, until it goes pear shaped and then the Karma gets shattered.

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  5. Oh, we had some hedgehogs outside of our office a few months ago. They were probably too small as well, but none of us realized this might be an issue. I hope they survived the winter!

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