Normal service will be resumed soon…

I’m so sorry, I’m not very well at the moment. Nothing serious – just a chest infection, but I’ve not been able to sort out any art for the blog this week – apologies. (I’m Covid negative thankfully.)

I tried to go to bed earlier and this is what I found…

Then ensued a small, but rather fiercly fought, battle of wills, with me asking if I could possibly get into my own bed and explaining to my little kitty cat that there are four cat beds in the flat which she might sleep in.

To which she seemed to reply (I was running a bit of a temperature so I’m not 100% sure)…

“I am a dark Lord of the Sith and I will hunt you down and kill you if you try to sleep here!!!”

What followed was a certain amount of her being fierce and grumpy and refusing to give ground and then me getting into bed anyway. She did try a little bit of light clawing after that but she was told “no!” quite firmly – so she hid.

Eventually though, I lured her out with the offer of cat treats, which brought her safely back to the light side!!!

See you all soon. 😊

PS: While looking for a meme for this page I ran across an excellent science teacher meme which I updated a little…

9 thoughts on “Normal service will be resumed soon…

  1. Lol – yup! When she was a kitten she used to sleep in my hair at the back of my neck. It was cute and heart warming while she was tiny, but as she grew to be a huge cat it got to be unmanageable.

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  2. Cats are renowned heat sinks. They know if they stick around in the human bed they can just suck off the extra heat and don’t have to work as hard to keep warm. We underestimate their ability to plan ahead.😂

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