Mickey Mouse – Mixed Media

Last week, as well as working on the portrait, I also made an ink drawing of Mickey Mouse as a personalised Christmas Card for someone dear to me who is a big Disney fan. Here on my blog I’ve left off the writing since it includes their name, but the rest is there.

I began with a sketch…

Then I inked a quick outline…

After that I went in and inked it properly…

Then I set to work with my black watercolour and white gouache paints. Here’s the finished picture…

The original looks a bit better than this photograph. I don’t know why this happens with this type of mixed media artwork. It’s like the camera picks up contrasts more than it should. Maybe having a grey background is throwing it off – but I can’t see why that should be. I might look up how digital cameras process light to see if I can get tot he bottom of this.

6 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse – Mixed Media

  1. The same to you Chris! Thanks for sharing your excelletn blog with us all! I hope you and yours have a wonderful 2022. All the very best, Jo

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  2. Wonderful, and I agree that the grey background makes the figure stand out in a different while remaining integral to the whole.

    May I wish you a very warm and peaceful Christmas, Jo, and all the best for 2022—or at least a better year than the last two. Take care and stay safe.

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