Ollie and Olga

This week I focused mainly on my portrait of Jim, but I also created another tonal painting. Meet Ollie (the Octopus) and Olga (the fish). They were very briefly the best of friends – until, very unfortunately, Ollie got hungry!

Here are some process photos…

I began by sketching the two aquatic friends (and doing my best to keep track of all eight of Ollie’s legs).

After that I added ink to the drawing, using darker thicker lines on the shadow sides of each object and then stippling a gradient from full black to the half tone grey of the paper. I used this to begin to render the shapes in three dimensions.

Then I deepened the shape rendering effects by adding some darker tonal areas using black watercolour paint and feathering the edges.

Finally I added similar gradients to the lighter sides of the shapes using titanium white gouache to add highlights.

Here’s the finished picture…

I really enjoy using this simply method to create black and white (and buff) paintings. I think it might work really well as a basic approach for making independent comic art. It’s not too onerous to do but gives well rendered results which I think would read and reproduce quite well in a comic format. I might produce a comic page like this when I have time and see how it looks.

6 thoughts on “Ollie and Olga

  1. At one time I looked into that, but apparently it’s amost impossible to get something like that published unless you’re already an author, famous or self publish it. It’s a shame be cause I would LOVE to do a project like that. ANyway, thanks for being so very encouraging!!! 😊😊😊

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