Curiosity, creativity and play

I think there is a strong link between curiosity, creativity and play. Obviously I’ve seen this in the classroom for many years, but I also see it in adults, in artists, furniture restorers, sculptors and metal workers, but also in surgeons and scientists and especially mathematicians. It seems to be a universal correlation that curious, playful people are also creative.

I’d like to say that I noticed this association and, to keep my creativity up as an artist, I make sure I play with art regularly – purely as an academic exercise(!) But that would be complete hokum. I play because it’s fun and relaxing and part of me is just a big kid. 😁

So this week I have the results of some play…

I began by just sketching some patterns in my sketchbook. One was a tree-like pattern the other was a spiral pattern, like this…

Once I had these scanned in I seperated them and began to play around with them in Autodesk Sketchbook. I’m afraid I didn’t take any process shots because I was just playing around.

Here are the final images I made from the simple drawings above…

I prefer the tree drawing most of all. It reminds me of a play my class went to see when we were 7/8 years old at our local secondary school. It was all about Jack Frost.

13 thoughts on “Curiosity, creativity and play

  1. Thank you for your very encouraging words!!! My therapist is awesome in helping me do this, but having friends like you makes a very big difference too! 😊😊😊

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  2. Thank you for your very encouraging words!!! My therapist is awesome in helping me do this, but having friends like you makes a very big difference too! 😊😊😊


  3. Jo reading this, sincerely, just made my day :). I’m so happy for you! What a beautiful experience! To share yourself like that and to be met, seen, and heard by another in doing so is one of the most nourishing experiences any of us can have. That’s amazing! And GO YOU because doing so takes courage! I hope you are not only enjoying the beauty of those heart-to-heart connections in those conversations but also celebrating yourself for entering into them. Your therapist can advise and guide you. The people you talk to can return the open connection. But YOU have to open it. And you did! Doing so – offering ourselves openly and being ourselves with another – is one of the bravest things anybody can do. I’m so happy for you my friend. You’re fantastic! And I’m so happy it’s been a source of such laughter, relaxation, and joy. It fills my heart reading about it :).

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  4. I totally agree. So many adults I know have lost the ability to play except when drunk or high which is such a shame because I think play is really important for a person’s happiness. You’re so right about the light, joy and beauty.

    I have been working with my therapist on being more myself in everyday conversations with the people around me (I tend to be quite guarded a lot of time because I worry that my autism will make things awkward). As I’ve opened up and relaxed I’ve found that conversation can easily become like a to and fro of play which brings laughter and relaxation and real joy to both people. I find those conversations SO valuable personally because there is connection with the heart of who I am and the heart of who they are. I need that so much. It can be very isolating being autistic.

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  5. I think if we all played more “because it’s fun and relaxing and part of [us]” our world would be a lot happier :). Think of the light, joy, and beauty it would open in our lives!

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  6. The tree is immediately arresting but the more I look at the other the more I like was you’ve done with it, especially the colouration which reminds me of Paisley patterns — which, interestingly, is Kashmiri in origin.

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