Since I’ve not painted for a few weeks I wanted to get back into the swing of it before attempting an important portrait of my son’s Grandad who passed away recently.

I began this painting just messing about with gouache on a watercolour background.  The foliage began life as grass, but soon became the kind of water weed found in freshwater rivers and lakes in the UK.  Then I sprayed it with some fixative (since gouache can be reactivated very easily by water). 

Once it was partially fixed I sketched on a fish like this…

I blocked in the underpainting of the fish roughly, giving it some warm and cooler colours…

Next I partially fixed the painting again with the fixative and then applied a more finished layer.  I also tidied up the my rendering of the weed too…

Finally I added all of my details and highlights and then painted in some weed in front of the fish.

Here is my completed painting…

When making this painting I changed my usual gouache process a little.  I added a spray of fixative between layers.  This partially stabilised the gouache so that the layer beneath wasn’t quite so readily activated by paint on top.  This method worked really brilliantly allowing me all of the freedom of using gouache without the hassle.  I will use this method again I think.


9 thoughts on “Rudd

  1. How fascinating you can use what you learned from the digital painting and apply it to traditional painting. Your picture is very realistic to me, nice job! ❀️

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  2. Your comment is really very perceptive. As I painted this fish I was, for the first time, using some of the painting techniques I’ve learned in digital painting and applying it to a traditional work. 😊

    In terms of the colours, I am actually trying, over time, to ease off the strong colours and develop some subtlety, but it’s like an addiction. I’m using Winsor and Newton Designer’s Gouache and their pigments are beautifully rich so it’s really hard to resist!!!

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  3. I find it interesting to see the similarities/differences in your technique and results as applies to digital vs actual paint. I like the fixative idea! The painting is a tiny bit looser in execution than your digital work, but the rich strong colors you use in digital are definitely there in the painting.

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