Up on the Moors

Very sadly, a couple of weeks ago my father in law passed away. He had been ill but we were hoping for another year with him. In many ways it released him from pain and suffering which is good, but I just miss him, a lot.

He was a good, good man and would do anything for his family.

Since this happened I haven’t been able to paint. The creative place where my pictures come from is just silent at the moment. I’ve let this blog just roll through the schedule I had already prepared and uploaded. But now I have run out.

I am planning to paint a portrait of Jim for his wife in oils or acrylics once I’m able. I think oils would be better but they will take so long to dry, so I’m going to try using acrylics in a similar way to painting alla prima with oils and I’m going to use a retarder to give me more time to blend.

Today I had a go at a simple digital painting despite the silence inside. Although I didn’t plan it, it does reflect some of the saddness I feel about losing Jim and seeing his wife Jane so sad at his loss.

Here are some screen shots of how the painting went…

I completed the painting in Photoshop. I adjusted the levels and added a border. Here’s the finished picture…

21 thoughts on “Up on the Moors

  1. Jo, I am so, so sorry for your loss. I know there are no words I can offer that can make this any easier. I remember when my grandma passed last year and it felt like a void opened in the universe and, while healing comes, it’s a hole that can never be truly filled. Please know I am holding you and your family as tightly as I can in my heart and in my prayers. And, as surely as I believe in anything, I know Jim’s light and his love will remain to bind your family as you all cherish his memory and live and love in his example, even if his physical presence is gone.

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  2. Emptiness when loss occurs can’t be magicked away, even by sympathetic words, but you know your loyal followers are with you in spirit and giving you virtual hugs.

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