Quick Charcoal Portraits

Having found my charcoals the other day I thought I would make some quick portraits. The first one I did in ten minutes. It’s of a boxer. I called it Fearless

Next I tried a 15 minute portrait of a very happy young woman. Her big smile seemed infectious. I called this one Beautiful

My next sketch was another 10 minute sketch of a really goofy, off-duty British cop, which I called Goofy

My last sketch was of a beautiful, older Indian lady who seemed to have this beautiful light in her eyes. I took more time with this one (20 minutes). I called the portrait Light

Of all of them I prefer the portrait of the older Indian lady. Which is you favourite?

21 thoughts on “Quick Charcoal Portraits

  1. I adore them all! But if I had to choose (which I will as you asked ;D) then I’d go with “Light.” I can feel its warmth in my own soul and it’s such a welcome experience.

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  2. I prefer the two women to the men—perhaps because they seemed like individuals I’d be happy to talk to and engage with. They also seemed to have positive attitudes and to have lived worthwhile lives, but that’s probably just me being subjective!

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