Line and Wash – Badger Cub

This week’s painting was done using the line and wash technique. It was of a cute little badger cub, transfixed by a bumble bee! Being a true Hufflepuff, I love badgers! They’re a very grounded animal. I just love their dirt snuffling ways!

I’m afraid I had a difficult week with my health, so this was quite a quick little sketch. I began in pencil then added some ink outlines and then inked all of his fur, like this…

Once the inks were completed I washed over my picture with watercolours to add a little more depth. Here’s the final painting…

5 thoughts on “Line and Wash – Badger Cub

  1. How adorable! I love it! I’m a Ravenclaw myself but my brother’s a Hufflepuff so I spend a lot of time hanging out with Hufflepuffs! He has a huge Hufflepuff house flag hanging in his living room. Anyway, I’m kinda off point now XD. But I love this li’l guy and he brought a smile to my face.


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