A Short Digital Light Exercise

This week’s art is a digital lighting exercise. The aim was to try to find a way to show light reflecting off a wet surface in a really simple way. I gave myself 30 minutes for this exercise and no reference materials just to see what I could come up with from imagination alone.

I decided to draw a city scene at night in the rain. Here’s the sketch I began with…

Once I had my basic drawing mapped out I painted in the colour from the back of the scene to the front. Like this…

Once I had all of my colour in I pulled the image into Photoshop. Then I added some rain in blues and yellows and reworked my tonal values to produce my final image…

The drawing and painting did take half an hour and then I spent another 10 minutes or so playing about in Photoshop after that.

I was pleased with the way the light shone through the material of the lady’s umbrella and the relative brightness of the street lamps. I would have like to do something more for the headlights of the car but without reference I could’t work out how that would look. At the time I gave myself an excuse that the lights were nearly head-on and dipped for in-town driving so I didn’t have to do much, but thinking about it now, just putting some light in front of teh car ont eh road would have helped.


6 thoughts on “A Short Digital Light Exercise

  1. Lol – I shortened the time to try to stop myself fussing over every step. I wanted to just pour myself into the drawing straight away. It’s something that’s much easier to do in digital art because you can erase a bad move in an instant! Not the same with paint or ink!!!

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  2. That turned out quite nicely. I agree with your final comment about some light on the road. I had to laugh at your giving yourself a half hour for the drawing. That would probably have taken me an hour and a half!

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