Simple Tree Tattoo

This week I designed a tattoo. I’ve made a couple of attempts to design this tattoo before but both times the design was too complex and would need to be larger than I could handle in terms of having the work done. This design was made to be kept small (about 7 cms in diameter) which is manageable.

I did the design work digitally and began with a very basic shape…

Then using this as a guide I roughed in some basic branches…

Taking away the original rough guide, it looked like this…

Next I filled in my basic branches and then reworked them a little…

My next job was to put in some leaves…

To do this I needed to reduce the length of many of my branches. I used a simple rendering of light on the leaves. I imagined that the sun was setting just to the right of the trunk and kept the light section of each leaf towards that direction.

Finally, I wanted to give the viewer some idea of the texture of the trunk, but still keep things really simple. In the end I settled on this…

Here’s the finished design…

I think it will look good! I’ve found a really good tattooist to take this design forward and tattoo it for me. Now I just have to put down a deposit and then get an appointment!

21 thoughts on “Simple Tree Tattoo

  1. The GUI is a bit different, but layers work a lot like PS and support layer-masks, too. You can even use the same shortcuts if you want.

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  2. I had a look, but I haven’t tested it. It looks really interesting. My only concern is the way that layers are implemented in the software. I’m going to have to get my head around that.

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  3. Oh that’s interesting! What did the first apple logo look like? Was it a tree too? I’m going to try to look that up, but if you have a link I would love to see it! Many thanks!

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  4. Lol, it being Tolkienesque doesn’t put me off at all – it’s more of an encouragement! I want it on my right shoulder. 🙂


  5. Do go for it! It’s very striking, and almost Tolkienesque (though I hope that doesn’t put you off… 😁) and would be a distinctive tatt to sport. Where were you planning to have it inked, if you don’t mind me asking?

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