Peacock – a simple digital painting


This week’s art began as a doodle of a peacock on some copy paper…



I scanned the sketch and pulled it into Autodesk Sketchbook. Then I reset the drawing colour to a light blue so that I could redraw over it digitally…



I find this kind of drawing very relaxing and did most of this while watching some the excellent new(ish) series of Star Trek Discovery (which is awesome!!!)

Here’s the doodle redrawn digitally.  You can see that I used two different line weights.  To keep a track of this while I’m working I draw a little sample of each line weight I’m using and then write the size next to it.  This means I can make changes at the correct weight without having to guess…



Next I added some fanciful swirls to his lovely tail…



Finally I added some colour and then colour balanced and finalised the image in Photoshop…




5 thoughts on “Peacock – a simple digital painting

  1. Thanks! I’m part way through series two and still mostly enjoying it although I have slowed down my watching from and episide a night to about once a week. I like Burnham a lot, but she’s not up there with Kirk, Picard or Janeway as a lead character yet in my mind. It’s the variety and strengths of all of the main chatacters which really captures me, particularly Saru, Stamets, Tilly, Culber, Captain Loca and Phillipa Georgou ( I really loved her character the most.)

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  2. Thanks! I think I like it because I find so many characters interesting, like Saru, Lorca, Stamets and especially Tilly. I do like Burnham but she doesn’t stand out like Picard did on NG


  3. Very pretty bird! I haven‘t watched the new season of Discovery yet. I don‘t like the main character of the series much and the previous seasons were not a big hit for me either.

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