Rocketman – Traditional Inks with Digital Tones

I’ve loved Elton John’s music from when I was a teenager, especially the older stuff like his classic song Rocketman. I used to work on Saturday mornings and then, once I was paid I would go and spend some of that hard-earned cash at this tiny secondhand records store in the small industrial units behind the local shopping centre where I worked.

This week I was listening to Rocketman from Elton’s “Very Best of…” Album when I got the idea for this drawing.

I began with some pencils…

Then I inked the pencils…

Then I toned the picture digitally…

Initially I thought I would end the drawing here but there were several things I didn’t like. Firstly, my astronaut didn’t really stand out from the capsule that he was sitting in. Secondly the mood of the picture was supposed to be lonely and quiet and I felt it needed more darkness in it to give it that sense of isolation.

So I redid the tones to create this final image…

PS: On looking up Elton John’s Rocketman online I found that there is a beautiful new animated video to go with it. Here’s a link to that beautiful song…

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