October Illustrations – Patterned “Wise old Bird”


This week’s October Illustration is of an owl. I drew this over the summer when the weather was horribly hot. My aim was to really emphasize the natural patterns in the drawing.

I began with a sketch…

… and then gradually built up my drawing…

Here’s my final illustration…



17 thoughts on “October Illustrations – Patterned “Wise old Bird”

  1. Ah yes, I see what you mean! I wanted him to look a bit bleary-eyed, as if he had just been awakened to sit for his portrait during the day when he was supposed to be asleep.

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  2. Many thanks! The paper is just a basic cartridge paper in an unbranded A4 sketchbook. I only used pencils to sketch. To get the grey in the picture I put some ink and water together into a brush pen so that I could get a mid tone wash. Then I applied it like I would with watercolours. Where I wanted the middle of the washed area to be lighter, like in the owls ruff, I pulled some of the ink out with kitchen towel while it was still wet to make a gradient.


  3. beautifully done! You captured the patterns very well. What paper did you use? And it looks like a combination of pen and pencil?

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