October Illustrations – Cartoon “Emissions Test”

This week’s October Illustration is done in more of a cartoon style. Unlike my sister, who is naturally hilarious, I have quite a weird sense of humour. To me, my jokes seem funny, but it’s quite rare that other folk see what I’m getting at.

So last year around Christmas time I had a go at creating a cartoon with a slightly sideways take on the subject of pollution. I used a fly as my main character in this design because flies are creatures we, as humans, see as dirty, and so they can act as an icon for all kind of corruption including pollution.

In playing around with this theme I first drew a rather odd-looking anthropomorphised fly…

This image didn’t really go anywhere, but was useful to get my brain warmed up to my task. I kept playing around with the idea until I came up with another fly. This time I broke the normal insect biology of head, thorax and abdomen to get a creature that looked a little more cute. Then, to tie the fly image into my theme of pollution, I added an engine, an exhaust and had him smoking a cigarette.

Here’s the idea sketched in pencil…

Next I worked this up into an ink illustration and added a caption…

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