October Illustrations – Realistic “Dog Days”

During October this year I am going to post some ink drawings in a range of different styles. These were done at various stages over the whole of the last year. As I collected these together I was looking for:

  • a realistic illustration
  • cartoon illustration
  • an illustration focusing on natural patterns
  • an illustration focusing on more abstract patterns
  • a graphical illustration

This week, it’s simple realistic illustration. This is a drawing of a labrador dog in a fairly old fashioned realistic illustration style.

Over the last year I made a book for my mum. It had a collection of excerpts from her favourite poems which I then illustrated. This was one of the illustrations I made.

Here’s how I worked out the basic shapes…

Here’s my pencil drawing…

And this is the final illustration…

7 thoughts on “October Illustrations – Realistic “Dog Days”

  1. Yes, I originally intended this to be a slightly different contribution to Inktober, but then I heard that the guy who first came up with Inktober has made it a trademark and I didn’t want any copyright issues so I removed all references to Inktober. Then I discovered that the same guy has also plagarised an art instruction book by a guy called Alphonso Dunn. I’ve got Alphonso’s book and I really rate him as a good art teacher and an honest man. So now I feel quite annoyed with the Inktober guy for doing such a low thing.

    PS: Spooktober – I like it!

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