A Rural Landscape in Ink


This week I worked on developing texture in ink.

I began with a basic sketch of a landscape which you might find in the north of England…


Normally I would just dive into inking this but I wanted to take some time to think about the textural effects I would use.  So I looked at the landscape and picked out eight different areas where a texture might work well.  Then I experimented with the textures for each of these areas.

I found that I needed more space for some of these areas, so I went onto another page…

Once I’d decided on the marks I would use to represent each texture I began to ink my drawing.

This week I switched over to using Rotring Rapidograph pens which are lovely to use and reliably produce the same line weight all the time.

I mus admit I thought they were superb.  They worked well as soon as I had set them up and never waivered.

I began inking the basic outline…

And then slowly and steadily worked my way through the whole drawing.  Working on this picture was a very restful meditative activity.  Time flew by as I drew and before long it was finished.  Here’s my final drawing…


15 thoughts on “A Rural Landscape in Ink

  1. I only started drawing so often 5 years ago and practise has developed my art so much. I did spend almost 30 years as a teacher drawing diagrams on boards to teach a number of subjects abut never thought of my work as art of any sort.


  2. That sounds like a good way to do it! I usually follow the flow too but I found I was always drawing with the same kinds of marks which made everything seem the same texture. Now my learning with this is starting to integrate into my natural drawing style which is really helping. What I had to formally plan at the point I drew the Rural Landscape is now becoming part of my normal practice. (Although I don’t work it all out at the beginning, just when I am forming a new section of the drawing.)

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  3. I’m really glad you like it. It did take a while to do, but I find it so relaxing I don’t mind at all. I often wonder how on earth you cook the things you do – it’s just beyond my ability. I even got porridge wrong the other day!


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