“After the Game” Character Illustration – Part 2 of 2

My second attempt at a character illustration is again of an older man.  This time he has just been to the gym is having a bit of a sit down before hitting the showers after working out.  I wanted him to be in reasonably good shape for his age but feeling more tired after physical exercise than perhaps he used to.  Maybe he’s reflecting on this as he rests?


I began with a sketch…

It was done very quickly using a Pigma Micron ink pen and brushmarkers to add tone. At some point it also got wet and the edges all got a bit smudged.

I took a photo of this and reworked it digitally. My first job was to re-draw all the line art. At this stage I also corrected an error I could see with the man’s right leg (the left as we look at him) which appeared to be out of position.


Next I filled in some basic tones…


Then I added cell shading.  I do really enjoy the simplicity of this old fashioned way to partially give shape to a 2D image…


Once that was done I worked on the bench he was sitting on…


My last job was to draw in a painterly background. I imagined my subject was quite well off, so the place he was in was more of a private health spa than a regular gym, with the kind of generic paintings on the walls that I imagine might be in places like that.


Finally I adjusted my levels, made some tiny detail corrections and added some shadow to the area immediately below his feet so that the viewer can see the connection between him and the ground. Here is how it turned out…


Looking back I think the linework on his arms is a bit janky.  If I redrew it I would de-emphasise the changes in his outline due to different muscle groups.  Overall though I like the pose and the effect of a more painterly background agains the stark 2D cell-shaded figure.


Next week I have post all about a magical creature I drew in ink.  After that I will begin a series of three traditional ink drawings of young adults which I drew during the Witsun holidays.

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