Creating a Science Fiction Blaster out of a Modern Pistol


This week I tried a new digital technique using Autodesk Sketchbook again (and a little Photoshop in the final finishing).  The plan was to take a photograph and then cut and paste parts of it onto itself to make a new image.  I wanted to make a new blaster which would be suitable for my favourite franchise, Star Wars.

So I began with a modern handgun…

I don’t know much about real guns, but apparently this is a “Desert Eagle”.  I chose it because it looked pretty sleek.

I cut various sections out, copied them, added them back, and then played around with them in terms of size and shading and position to altar the original image.

Here’s a video of part of the process…


And here is a gif animation of the process I followed…


Next I made some final touches in Photoshop.  I added a name engraved in the metal and some shadows. Then I widened the photograph to centre the image properly.

Here’s the original modern pistol…


And here’s the final Star Wars styled blaster.  I called it the QuantumShot MkIII

I think Han Solo might like it!


PS: This is the last post I did over the February half term.  I’m going to carry on with some art while isolated and unwell as it cheers me up and I find it really quite relaxing.  However I might do less in the way of traditional painting as I dropped a glass of dirty paintwater everywhere next to my bed when I tried to finish a painting I currently have on the go.


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