The Jelly Road

At the time of writing I am recovering from flu, and it’s half term! Why do I always get ill during school holidays?

Because my temperature has been high I have had some really vivid dreams. One of these was a dream about a family of small fish who lived in a jelly-fish-campervan and were travelling down the Jelly Fish Road, which was like route 66 but for fish. As I was noodling around with Autodesk SketchBook, a drawing app, I found myself starting to draw a scene from the dream.

Now, this drawing began as a doodle so I wasn’t thinking about my blog and didn’t make any process photos until I had finished the line art. However, being new to Autodesk SketchBook, at some point I must have accidentally switched on a video recording mode. So, although I have no process pictures of the beginning, I do have a short video of part of it…

Here’s the finished line art. I was trying to get it to look like one of those fun, detailed illustrations for children’s books, a bit like a Where’s Wally cartoon but not quite as manically busy…

Next I began to tone it…

There were some super textured brushes I used for some of the jellyfish campervan structure…

Eventually, after some ultra relaxing drawing, I completed the picture. So here is The Jelly Road

And here’s a close up…

It’s not exactly high art, but it was very relaxing and quite fun to do.

28 thoughts on “The Jelly Road

  1. He’s the best! Sometimes I’ll still pull out the old, mildly tattered ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ collections I got in my youth and read them. They are as funny now as they were then :).

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  2. Oh my gosh – I LOVE THIS! It’s so fun! Also, anytime I have ever been sick on vacation I’ve quoted that ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ strip, too. It’s perfect…and true! Anyone who’s sick on break deserves make-up days off :).

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  3. I haven’t got tested yet because, so far I’m doing OK. Here in the UK, I think they only test when a person needs treatment. If I’m not well by the end of the week I have to phone for advice.

    My son is in the same boat as you for Uni. He did a lecture this morning online and just heard that he’s got an exam in about a week!
    I hope your assignments go well. I’m glas you had a smile!


  4. Its Wonderful! you always manage to make me smile Jo. I hope you have been able to get tested, then be alone and rested, I am quiet online right now as I am writing some assignments for Uni. The Uni maybe closed to people traffic, but the web is open for classes.

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  5. A sign on the door… itโ€™s starting to get really creepy. Great that you have a neighbour helping you! Get well soon, your son as well!

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  6. No, if I start to struggle more with my breathing they said they will test at that point. But I have been told by my doctor that my illness is following the coronavirus pattern – cold symptoms then flu symptoms and then a bad cough so I must be very careful not to spread it to anyone. I’ve got a sign on my door for post delivery instructions and a neigbour is helping me with food. I’ve also been given an isolation certificate from the NHS/Public Health England people. I think it’ll be OK. My asthma is playing up but I’m managing. My son is doing OK too.

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  7. We’re doing fine so far. I think the best thing is to relax and just be prepared to ask for help if things begin to go the wrong way. I think it will all be OK.

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  8. If you find that ‘by accident’ button again I’d love to see further animations of your work in progress, it’s fascinating! And opens up possibilities for something more planned too. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  9. I send you the usual but by no means casual wishes for a full recovery — with underlying issues like asthma it must be more concerning — and hope the pair of you keep your spirits up.

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  10. I do that so often with the send button! I did this drawing during February half term so I’m recovered from that illness, but your kind thoughts are still appreciated. I am currently isolated with symptoms of Covid19 along with my son who is now home from University and also has symptoms. I’m doing OK so far. The cough is annoyingand gives me a headache and my asthma is playing up but it’s all managable. My son seems to be coping quite well too. Hopefully we’ll both fight it off in a few days.


  11. Thanks! I can’t really take credit for the video. I just clicked something by accident and then found it stored on my tablet. I would love to illustrate books, or anything really. It would be awesome.

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