Video Observation Practice #1

While I work away on my fairy drawing which I began last week I’m going to post a series of sketches I drew in ink during the spring and summer.

I did them whilst relaxing in bed in the evenings, watching various videos – everything from YouTube discussions to regular TV series. It was pretty varied. The idea was to attempt to capture a scene really quickly as if I were planning a comic panel based on that scene. I would one day like to write my own comic book but I needed to see if I could draw scenes and people quickly and well enough for the artwork to be able to carry a story. Now, none of this is finished comic art – it’s just a series of practice sketches which I never intended to publish at all – I did them to speed up my ink drawing and get a feel for working fast on comic panels.

So here are the first two…

I love watching animals and horses are one of my favourites. So here is a fast sketch of a horse from a YouTube video about a horse rescue…

The next picture was from a Netflix series called “Sex Education”. It was a funny series about a teenage lad who’s mum is a sex therapist. Otis is pretty insecure but finds, with the help of his rebellious female friend Maeve, a way to move forward with his life by giving sex advice to other young people at his school. (Oddly, it was set in the UK but the school was run like an american school.) Anyway, here’s a scene I chose from this series…

This is the excellent actor Kedar Williams-Stirling playing a character called Jackson Marchetti in the show.

2 thoughts on “Video Observation Practice #1

  1. Thanks, I don’t plan to turn them into anything, but as I worked on the project I did gain enough confidence to consider writing and drawing a graphic novel of my own.


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