The Bull of Knossos

Recently I’ve been reading Bill Moyers’ and Joseph Campbell’s book The Power of Myth. It’s a little unusual as it is in the form of a transcribed conversation between Moyers and Campbell. For that reason I wasn’t sure I would like it but I’m actually finding it incredibly interesting. The conversations are loosely grouped into 8 sections, each covering a common pattern found in many of the great myths and stories from around the world. But, just like a real conversation, the narrative also wanders about in a natural, relaxing sort of way. It’s a bit like being invited to listen to a really fascinating private chat in a pub. The ideas and thoughts are so absorbing and thought provoking that I’ve taken to gently marking sections in pencil to look up later.

One evening I found myself comparing Campbell’s ideas to the stories from the ancient Minoan culture on Crete. I’ve been lucky enough to go there twice, once with family and once when I was married. The Palace of Knossos was brilliant to visit. The second time I went we had a tour from a PhD student who was working there over the summer. She was so knowledgeable. Best of all though the tour wasn’t done in that dry academic way you get sometimes which can suck the life out of things. She was properly genuinely interested in the subject herself and it was just a joy to hear her talk.

So, in fond memory of those stories, I had a go at a simple pencil drawing of a bull in the spirit of ancient Knossos…

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