Fun with Friends!

This week I had some realxing fun painting some little friends of mine…

The first was my sister’s little dog ‘Poppy’.  She is such a cutie-pie.  Whenever I visit my sister and her family and sit on her sofa, Poppy jumps up onto the very top of the cushions and then snuffles through my hair.  She does it to my mum and my sister too.  I think it’s her way of being with her family.  She is a real sweetie (and quite unlike my sister’s little tortoise who has a thing for biting your socks and toes – hard!)  So here she is sketched in my sketchbook…

She is a Bichon-Frise and has curly white hair.  On some parts of her body her hair is stained a reddish/brown because of where she licks herself to get clean after a walk.  She’s really interesting to paint because white hair has so many reflected colours in it.  This is my sketch painted with watercolours…


My other little friend is R2D2.  I have a little model of him on one of my bookcases in my bedroom.  I’ve done this wherever I’ve lived all my adult life, so he is like a little beeping friend.  This particular figure does make sounds if I put in about a million watch batteries (actually it’s four but it always feels like a lot).  Here he is with a message written in Aurebesh for my fellow Star Wars fans!

While George Lucas was in charge at Lucasfilm there was an ongoing debate about whether Lucas should have updated the original films after release.  It’s quite interesting because when they did get updated it became almost impossible to get hold of the original theatrical releases which understandably upset people who loved the films as they were.  On the other side of the argument the films were Lucas’s works of art and who’s to say an artist can’t alter his work if, on reflection, he wants to?  With painting’s the line is much clearer because as soon as someone buys a painting then the artist could only then change it if the owner wanted them to.  With films available via a mass production process though, someone with enough money could change them indefinitely.

Anyway, one of the changes Lucas made was to correct all instances of written English in “A New Hope” and “The Empire Strikes Back” (Episodes 4 and 5) into the written version of Galactic Basic, a language called Aurebesh.  I really like the “otherness” of a totally different script.

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