October Ink – A Sith, a Storm Trooper and a Kraken

The next three ink drawings were of Darth Maul, a Kraken and a Lego Storm Trooper.

Here’s Darth Maul…

While drawing this I kept wishing for some red ink to give him his usual colours so when I’d got him scanned in I couldn’t resist seeing what some colour would do to his picture…

I like it! (The colour was done in Manga Studio 5, along with the background effect.)

Then we had the Kraken…

When I drew this I wanted to try to make an old fashioned styled image with simple lines. It didn’t work as well as I’d hoped but it does bring to mind the legendary John Wyndham and his story “The Kraken Awakes”. I have loved this author since I was about 12 years old and first read “The Day of the Triffids” and then straight after that, “The Chrysalids” which are my favourites.

What’s really marvelous about these stories is that, unlike some science fiction, which can become anachronistic very quickly, these stories still read really well today! In fact, I’m going to have to read them both again now. 🙂

My last ink drawing this week is of a lego StormTrooper. Here he is…

14 thoughts on “October Ink – A Sith, a Storm Trooper and a Kraken

  1. I really love manga too, and anime. I also love the Japanese classical art but I don’t think I’m able to draw on that influence as well as you can!

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  2. You called me on it! I’m a huge manga nerd! Everything they do has drawn much influence from classical Japanese art, and I love the way they draw waves, water, and smoke.

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  3. Thanks. I recently read it again after a very long gap. It surprised me how much my younger mind had disregarded from the story. But it was a great read, if a little short. As for stormtroopers, they do have a bit of a reputation – like an ashtray on a motorbike!

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  4. The Darth Maul image really projects with that colour, though the original stands up on its own merits. I loved the Wyndham book (when I read it eons ago) almost as much as the The Day of the Triffids so I should really check out if it still has its appeal now! And I like how Lego Stormtrooper looks quite cute and cuddly; admittedly, in the films they come out as rather stupid, routinely allowing themselves to be crushingly overwhelmed by vastly inferior forces… 😁

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