October Ink 5, 6 and 7 – Water, Mammal, Tree

The next three October Ink drawings I did were of a splash of water, a mouse and a bonsai tree.


Water is something which has always fascinated me.  I could watch ripples and splashes in water for hours, literally.  This summer we made a trip to Paris.  There were beautiful fountains and overflowing pools of water in the Trocadero Gardens (just the other side of the river from the Eiffel Tower, right next to the Pont d’Lena).  It was SO beautiful there.  Paris is a wonderful city and the people there were really helpful when I needed a wheelchair for my pain condition or help to find a taxi  – such lovely people!  The food was absolutely fabulous too!

Here are some photos of the gardens.  It was a very hot day (31 deg C) so many people were enjoying the water…




With repect to my October Ink drawing of water I tried to use just flat colours with no gradients to see what effect it would have.  Looking back I think it would look better if I had used some gradients in the blacks and greys.  Here’s what it might have looked like with a gradient watercolour wash over the top…

I added the colour digitally to see how much difference it made – I think it works better.

My next sketch was of a little mouse…


When I was at secondary school I used to keep 2 white mice in a special habitat at home.  They were lovely but they sometimes chewed their way out of their habitat (which was made of wood).  One day I remember getting ready for a hockey lesson at school when I found one of my mice in my hockey boot!  My PE teacher initially didn’t believe me when I told her what had happened, until she saw the mouse! I had to take it to the biology department so it could be looked after until the end of school.

My last drawing of a Bonsai Tree was another experiment where I was trying to use a very rigid drawing style.  Here it is…


It wasn’t as effective as I’d hoped.  However, if I add some digital colour, it really comes to life…


19 thoughts on “October Ink 5, 6 and 7 – Water, Mammal, Tree

  1. Nice work Jo. I’m with you on the water fascination but I’m even more taken with the light patterns through the leaves of trees. Keep up the great work.

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  2. Thanks. I see what you mean about the early Victorian illustration style. Somehow, I really like that link to the past. I enjoy working with my hands. I think I would have liked to work in that kind of business. My favourite would be to have been a botanical or biological illustrator for early Victorian naturalists.

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  3. Beautiful work! They are great with or without color! Great job on the water. Water can be challenging!

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  4. Individually the colour splash adds more depth, but I also liked the set of three in black-and-white as a set, reminded me of early Victorian illustrations for children’s alphabet books (Water, Mouse, Tree) or for picture cards where you had to collect sets (eg animal, vegetable or mineral). The mouse was my favourite, by the way!

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  5. Those are all beautiful! I can tell you love water because you rendered it so well, it really looks like it’s caught in that weightless moment before a fall.

    Liked by 2 people

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