BB8 – watercolour and digital effects


This week I painted a favourite of mine – BB8 – the little spherical droid from the sequal triology in Star Wars.

I began with a sketch…

Then I laid in my basic colours.  After trying a watercolour light grey background I decided to go for a rich blue.  I mixed my watercolours with white gouach to give them opacity and smoothness.  Next I began working on the shadows and dirt marks on the droid.

Here’s the finished painting…


It was fun and I got quite close to the reference image of BB8 I was using.  However it seemed flat and lacking in life.  To try to push the image a bit I decided to play with various digital effects to see what direction I could go in with the original painting.  So I scanned it into photoshop, colour corrected it for my irritatingly bad scanner and then corrected the tones.  Once I had it looking like it does in real life I began to try various things to see how I wanted my final image to look.

The thing that worked best was to push the tonal range a bit darker and then run a filter on it (I think I used Fresco).

Here’s the final digital image…


I like the way it’s pushed the darker tones far beyond my reference picture and given life to my flat gouche blue background.  Next time I paint I might try to push my original traditional painting more towards this kind of finish.  It might be less accurate but it has more life.

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