The Shape of Light on Water #5


This week I concentrated on adding watercolour to my pencil drawing of a water splash from last week.

Here’s the drawing I started with…


First I masked my absolute highlights with masking fluid.  Then I used a graded wash of phthalo blue and viridian green but I kept it really light and pulled out some colour with my brush where I wanted the light to come through.  Then I added some slightly darker washes to the shadowed areas…


I then added paynes grey and a touch of ultramarine blue to the greeny blue colour I was already using and began to push the darks darker and add to the darker shades of the pencil.  I did each bit seperately so there was time before each bit dried to pull a gradient out of the dark colours where I wanted it.  This was so much fun to do!

Finally I worked on balancing the tones and pulling the picture together as a whole.  It was mostly there already but a I did push the main sine wave form across the front of the picture a little more.

Here’s the result…



Now when my son saw it this time his comment was “Wow – that’s so looks like water now!!!”  – Result!   😀

4 thoughts on “The Shape of Light on Water #5

  1. I see what you mean. I know Kanagawa’s work really well. I even had a T-shirt of his “Great Wave” picture for a while when I was in my 20’s. I didn’t use it or look at it at all for this, only a large number photo references of real water splashes. I think it’s interesting that this picture reminds folk of Kanagawa. I wonder if my long time knowledge and love of his picture unconsciously influenced me or if he captured the essence of eater in his picture and my using lots of visual references of real water made it a bit like his? I was teaching kids to draw Manga in my Art Club at school the week before I did this so the Manga connection is there as well.

    Thanks as always for your comments – they are always interesting to read and think about! 🙂

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  2. I think your gravitation toward the Japanese ink style may be influencing your water depictions–that’s not a criticism, just an observation from knowing about your fondness for manga. I like yours better than this one–yours is much less complicated and has a better sense of liquid motion. Just putting it out there so you can have a look and maybe a little laugh.

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