The Shape of Light on Water #3

This week I worked on a more abstract approach to water.  I was looking at ripples and reflections.

Here’s the piece…


I used W&N Watercolours, masking fluid and some white Gouache.

At school we ask the children to evaluate their work with a thing called ‘Two Stars and a Wish’ which means think of two things you are pleased with about your work and one thing you would like to change.  So my two stars are, I like the colours and I like the shapes generally.  My wish is that I wish it looked like water!!!!

Sometimes in my life as an artist I feel a lot like Bill Watterson’s character Calvin from his famous  and brilliant comic strip ‘Calvin and Hobbes’

“Hit by antiaircraft guns.” – Watterson’s a genius.

2 thoughts on “The Shape of Light on Water #3

  1. Yup, I agree. I really love figuring out puzzles and painting water is a bit like that. I do really like your idea about seeing what “reminds” me of water – another piece in the puzzle!!! Thanks.

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  2. You picked a tough task for yourself–making an abstraction look like something real! Keep playing until you hit on a formula that “reminds” you of water. You’ll know when you get there! And sometimes I too think Calvin had the right idea…

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