Grand Trevally


I’ve been watching Blue Planet 2 in the last few weeks (I have a bit of a marine biology thing going on recently, so this was just perfect.)  So much of the cinematography in that show was spectacular.  They were the kind of images which make you ache inside, the very best I’ve ever seen.

So I’ve been trying to paint some of them.  It’s tricky because the photography from this BBC team is so good that I don’t think art can take it any further.  Their stuff is perfect as it is.  It doesn’t stop me wanting to try though.

Here’s a picture I painted recently of these fish which were catching some fledgling sea birds in the TV show.  I think the fish are Grand Trevally or something similar.

I began with a pencil drawing over which I painted some simple washes…

I used some masking fluid for the clouds.

Then finally I painted in the fish and added some highlighs with white gouache.

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