Blue Shadow Mosura Shrimp

Since Bonnie (my dog) died I’ve struggled with managing my pain condition, especially at night.  Despite her tendency to add doggy smells to the room which should be banned under the Geneva Convention, and to kick me if she felt I was taking up too much room in my own blooming bed, she was very good at helping me manage pain.  She didn’t care about being woken up so long as her tummy got tickled and would snuggle up if things got too bad and I wasn’t coping.  Without her I’m struggling to rest properly.


So this is why I’ve not been painting for a few months.  All I’ve been able to manage is work and looking after my son.  Anyway, things are gradually improving and today I managed to paint a small quick sketch for fun.  It took about half an hour and it’s of a beautiful Blue Shadow Mosura Shrimp. (I think)

Here’s the sketch…

Here’s the beginning of the background…

And here’s the finished sketch…


10 thoughts on “Blue Shadow Mosura Shrimp

  1. I thought he was quite a sweetie too. In nature blue shrimp, lobsters and crabs all appear as a genetic anomaly where too much of a particular protein is made. It wraps around another molecule and together this makes a blue complex on the skin. I would love a new dog more than anything but I can’t walk more than a few yards anymore so it’s not fair on the animal. I will have to wait and see what the future brings.


  2. Sorry to hear about Bonnie Jo. Pets are like children. Love the combination of colours you have used here. The blues and yellows work beautifully together.

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  3. Lovely little shrimp! I have never heard of a blue one, so this little one was interesting. Perhaps a new dog will find its way into your life. Sometimes we just have to wait for things to happen. Keep painting!

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  4. Thank-you for your kind encouragement. I’m not surprised your paintings take time – they are stunning. I really love your work. It’s really beautiful.

    I have a tiredness thing too – I suspect it’s a physiological response to pain akin to other mammals who hide and rest when injured. I hope you feel bettter too.

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  5. Very beautiful! My paintings take me a lot of time, sometimes 2-3 weeks working every day.
    I know how bad pain can affect everything we do. I’ve been struggling like that for the last 5 years. Pain really limits things one can do. In my case, it is also abnormal fatigue and tiredness.
    You are a great artist! I wish you feeling better and find time to paint more often!

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