Dobro Guitars and Painting the Blues…


This week I’ve been relaxing listening to some fingerstyle and slide guitar blues played on resonator guitars.  I totally love that sound and they’re beautiful instruments to look at too.  So I thought I’d paint one.

It was quite fun because the resonator is beautifully shiny giving me a bit of a challenge painting-wise.

I started with a pencil drawing…

Then I began to paint in gouache…



Here’s the final painting…


Now I just can’t paint one of these beauties without hearing a few of them ‘sing’.  I definitely prefer the wooden body resonator guitars.  I think the tone is just so much warmer.

So here’re some examples of the good stuff…

This is ‘The Swamp Dog Blues’ played on a 1930’s Broman Resonator Guitar.  Unfotunately I don’t know who the musician is on this lovely piece.  He makes the guitar cry.  I think it’s beautiful.



I also totally love this sound (below). This is Mike Dowling playing “Blues in G“.  I love the subtlety and understated character of this one.



Finally, this one’s a bit more country than blues despite the name.  This is Greg Booth Playing Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ on a dobro.  (It’s actually a Scheerhorn L body ’09. The tuning is regular G tuning with the low G dropped to E. EBDGBD)



(Please note, all three of these YouTube videos belong to their respective owners.  They’re just examples of the music that I love the most.)



7 thoughts on “Dobro Guitars and Painting the Blues…

  1. Many thanks for your kind comments. I know what you mean about the beach and the blues, it’s not a combination I would think of straight away. 🙂


  2. Beautiful art! And thanks for the soundtracks to admire it by. Folsom Prison by far was my favorite. But who could hate on the blues at the beach? Though it does not seem like a natural pairing, does it? Love your work and ache with the blues.

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  3. Beautiful work ! And thanks for the soundtracks. I have to say my favorite was Folsom Prison but who resist the blues in the beach though it does not seem quite right. Love your work and ache for the blues.

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  4. Brilliant – thanks! I particularly liked the Jerry Douglas – he plays beautifully. Justin’s stuff was great too, and quite amazing! Thanks again!


  5. Ah, you and I share musical tastes! You might enjoy a couple of my favorites, Jerry Douglas on dobro (fast forward 55 seconds–he talks a lot at the beginning)
    and Justin Johnson, who plays just about anything you can put strings on, including an ordinary old shovel or a skateboard…
    I discovered Justin because I was interested in 3-string cigar box guitars. I built one for myself and wanted to learn to play it. He plays a bunch of those, too.

    Have fun!

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